Pension Transfer


If you’re thinking about a pension transfer, talk to us. More than 95% of people like you who come to us for help get a better pension.

Our pension reviews will help you decide if a transfer would suit you. There’s no obligation, and switching carries no up-front charges. If the alternatives open to you have disadvantages such as hidden costs, we’ll let you know – but often, a pension transfer can significantly improve the return you’ll get for your money.

Occupational pension schemes have their own complexities in this respect, and our advisers have Advanced financial qualifications to help them make assessments on your behalf.

In short, when considering a pension transfer, what you need is the best advice, so you can make the best decision – and that’s what we provide.

Get the best deal. Not all pensions are the same.  And not all pension advice services are the same, either.

For pension transfer advice that meets your needs, call us on 0845 600 6080 or email



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